About Us

I4HQ provides ingenious and innovative software solutions that computer users find enjoyable, reliable, and secure. 

I4HQ is a small minority owned disadvantged business founded in 2014 by Dr. Rod Moten and Natacha Moten.

What does I4HQ mean?

I4HQ is an acronym that represents what we do and how we do it. Our goal is to use ingenuity and innovation to provide our customers with software solutions that are reliable and secure.  We consider software solutions that are reliable and secure as well as enjoyable and get the job done High Quality software. This is where HQ comes from. I4 comes from the four words that define our mission and core values.

  • Indispensable – Providing products and services our customers cannot live without
  • Innovative – Helping our customers do things in new and creative ways
  • Ingenious – Being extremely smart about how we provide our services
  • Integrity – Doing things the right way regardless of who is looking

Our Brands

Cherish My Daughter (TM)

Programming for Commoners (TM)

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